Exipure – The tropical Fat Loss Secret

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Eat 1/2 teaspoon of THIS everyday and boost your metabolism by over 728%

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Gaining weight is so easy, but losing it and getting back to shape is a whole other ball game! We are all in need of quick remedies to reduce body weight. We need plans and tips. We somehow want to shed the unwanted fat that has accumulated in our body leading to a lot of health issues. The burning question is - HOW?

You need to begin at the base – what exactly is healthy weight loss and low brown adipose tissue? This will help you in taking the right approach and get your mindset in place. It is just not enough to be dieting, eating healthy food in the right way and right time, and exercising. These are the standard methods suggested by everyone. There is something more to it. Many sites offering weight loss plans do not consider your health conditions at all. Their products are made of antibiotics, hormones, and other harmful ingredients. So how do you find a genuine solution? Exipure claims that it is a natural weight loss formula and the best solution to reduce weight. Let us take a look and see if it is a natural remedy.

What is Exipure

Exipure is a weight loss supplement to be taken in the form of capsules. As per the latest medical journals, if your brown adipose tissue levels are low, it is because these tissues burn more calories than white fat. Exipure is based on this theory only and contains eight ingredients and nutrients that work on the brown adipose tissue levels in your body, and thus the cause of your weight gain is understood. One capsule a day with warm water in the morning is recommended for weight loss.

How it Works

This product is completely based on scientific data that brown adipose tissue if high in the body, helps dissolve the white fat and thereby result in weight loss. Exipure consists of ingredients like Holy Basil, Perilla leaves, Amur Cork Bark, Quercetin, Oleuropein, white Korean Ginseng, Propolis, Kudzu, and others that improve brown adipose tissue levels to reduce weight. No side effects have so far been reported from consumers.

About the Ingredients

  • Perilla leaves: they are known to boost brainpower and increase the metabolic rate of the human body with regulated cholesterol. These leaves increase BAT levels.
  • ALA or alpha-linolenic acid is well known for its benefit of reducing cardiovascular diseases with the n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • Holy Basil boosts BAT levels. It also helps in reducing stress, improving cognitive functions, and relieving anxiety. The liver function improves, and glucose levels are adjusted.
  • White Korean Ginseng improves psychological function, healthy blood pressure, and immune system.
  • Amur Cork Bark helps in treating gastrointestinal problems. It also helps in reducing obesity, bloating, and improving liver function.
  • Kudzu has a pain-relieving property, and I found that after using the Exipure pills, the feeling of relaxation also sets in.
  • Propolis flushes away harmful toxins from the body.

The composition of Exipure makes it much more effective when compared to others in the market. It is expected that you will lose at least 3 extra pounds each week. The formula improves the BAT leading to the white fat layers slowly melting away. You feel more energetic and fit. What I like about the product is that it comes in the form of a capsule and is easy to consume. You will never get the craving for unhealthy foods or hunger pangs. The product comes with a 180-days money-back offer in case you are not satisfied with the product.

The product contains a Wellness Box that has five essential health formulas to promote detoxification, fat burning, and a good source of antioxidants. They are - MCT Oil Pure which is a dietary supplement with triglycerides, caprylic acid, and capric extracted from coconut oil to reduce body weight; Immune Boost with immune booster ingredients to fight off infections; BioBalance Probiotics that delivers good bacteria to flush out the bad ones; Ultra Collagen Complex to replace the lost collagen and to ensure healthy skin, hair, and nails; and Deep Sleep 20 which when taken 30 minutes before bedtime, gives a fresh feeling in the morning with more energy and better hormonal balance.

The product comes with a few bonuses too:

  • 1-Day Kickstart Detox – an eBook on the importance of detoxification. It talks about 20 herbal teas recipes to enhance the result of Exipure.
  • Renew You – it is an eBook that talks about relaxing techniques and tips on how to improve the psychological side of your weight loss journey.


  • Exipure works equally on men and women
  • The product works on improving BAT levels that help in reducing weight.
  • The ingredients are absolutely natural and are taken from highly reliable vendors.
  • There are no GMOs, additives, fillers, chemicals, toxins, or preservatives, thus reducing any risk of side effects.
  • The consumers will not become addicted to the pills even when taken for a longer duration.
  • The product does not insist on regular exercise or cutting down your regular food
  • Your immunity is given a boost along with improving the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.
  • It may also be beneficial to your heart as it keeps blood pressure and cholesterol under control.


  • It is not safe for children, pregnant or lactating mothers, or people with immunodeficiencies.
  • If you have allergic reactions, you should consult your physician before starting this supplement.
  • Like any other supplements, Exipure has not been proven with enough medical trials or studies.

Final Verdict

What I really liked about Exipure is that it has no side effects. Made of purely natural products, each one meant to take up a particular task in maintaining the wellbeing of the body, the product seems to have gained the confidence of people like you who are keen on reducing body weight. Along with a healthy diet, your weight reduction becomes faster, and you feel more alert and fresher. Of course, the result may take a few weeks or months which depends on various factors like diet, sleep, lifestyle, and mainly your willpower.

Even though the product has been launched not too long ago, it has become quite popular. The personal experiences of several people make it more promising and suggest that you should give it a try. With the money-back guarantee, your investment is absolutely safe. I give this product 4.5 stars!

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