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Thyroid factor

Wouldn’t you just flat-out agree with me when I point out that the one issue that haunts many women around the world is obesity?! It is so difficult to control even after dieting, exercise, and medication. Yes, obesity is caused not only by binge eating and lack of exercise but also is attributed to genetics. Additionally, a very significant factor in the increase in weight is the imbalance in thyroid levels.

How can we bring thyroid levels to normalcy to prevent further health issues, lose weight, and maintain other parameters? I find that many products claim to do the needful in adjusting thyroid levels. But are they all helpful and without side effects? Any manipulation of thyroid levels can lead to serious consequences. After going through many reviews of various products, I find that ‘Thyroid Factor’ by Dawn Sylvester is a program that may work out well to achieve the weight loss that you have been frantically looking for.

What is Thyroid Factor and how it works

Thyroid Factor claims to be a highly effective program available in the market that helps you lose weight by giving complete focus on the thyroid which is the root cause of all the problems. It enables the body to start losing weight, improving energy levels, elevating one’s mood, and getting back your slim figure. All that it takes is 21 days! Unbelievable? Let’s take a more detailed look!

Thyroid factorOnce you start using the product, the makers claim that you will be able to see the impact almost immediately. By the end of 21 days of taking the product, you will notice a significant change in your mental and physical health. In the program, you will get a variety of foods and recipes to improve the thyroid levels in your body. The ingredients are such that you will find them in any place, and the recipes are very easy to prepare. You will notice a steady but significant loss of weight within a short time, feel energized, and achieve your targets. When compared to the other products in the market, Thyroid Factor seems to pave the way to regularizing thyroid levels.

You will find that the program offers suggestions on techniques and strategies to optimize your thyroid level so that you notice the effect within 24 hours of starting the product. Irrespective of age, you can use this when you want to reduce your body weight and stay fit. The main reasons for the metabolic disruption are chronic dieting, stress, too much exercise, and poor food intake.

The program points out how T3 and T4 help you to lose weight when they are on higher levels.

The program comes to you with a few components:

  • The 21-Day Thyroid Weight Loss System: This is the first component of the program to help you understand the fundamentals of the program, how it works, and how it improves your health. You will be suggested to take a supplement called Painless Nutritional Thyroid Support which includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plants to support thyroid health in many ways. You can get this by ordering online using the order form.
  • 101 Thyroid Boosting Foods – You are introduced to 101 food recipes that are thyroid-friendly, with essential oils, herbs, teas, and spices to boost your metabolism immediately. You have umpteen components that offer you many options that work well despite your age and can be taken at any time of the day.
  • Thyroid Jumpstart Guide – This is the third part of the program which helps you to stay on track regarding your thyroid condition. You will get a step-by-step program on how to start living a healthy life and achieve your targets easily.

These three guides are what most of you need to reset your thyroid health and achieve a better lifestyle and health. The program comes to you in a PDF form that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Especially when you reach your 40s, you will feel more fatigued and may even face tough times in just focusing on your daily chores. Within 5 days of starting the program, you will find that you are losing weight. As you continue to use the product, your weight will reach a comfortable and desired level. You need not worry if it is an expensive program as you do not have to buy any costly equipment. All the ingredients are available readily at most convenience stores.


  • You need not compromise on eating delicious food, and there are no starving routines.
  • The foods suggested in the book are quite affordable and easily available too.
  • You will find that the brain fog that you were experiencing will disappear, and you can notice regaining sharp thought processes when your thyroid function is normalized.
  • You can forget about belly fat.
  • You need to follow the instructions for just 21 days which is not a long period.
  • Even if you have a very busy schedule, you can quickly prepare the food suggested by the program and avoid any diet failures.
  • You will regain stronger bones and painless joints.


  • The program may not work for everybody.
  • It is a lifestyle change program that needs to be followed.

Final Verdict

The ultimate aim of the program is to help you get your thyroid function back to normalcy. You get a day-by-day plan to help you achieve this. What I liked most about the program is that it makes your task of bringing your thyroid levels to normalcy very easy with simple processes. This does not hurt as you get into healthy eating habits. The reviews of the users show that the program has been an eye-opener for many women.

You can see for yourself the changes in your body weight and general well-being once your thyroid levels are under control. It is not a harmful product. Even if you are not satisfied with the program, you can get a refund, and hence you can be assured of the security of your funds. It has been proven beyond doubt that women gain weight during menopause, and the program helps you with adjustments to your diet plan so that you do not have the harmful impact of thyroid imbalance. With your money safe and a refund policy available, you can give try this much-talked-about program to stay healthy and fit physically and mentally. Based on the reviews, I will rate this program 5 stars!

Thyroid factor

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